Purpose of the Workshop


Following the extensive discussion of future initiatives held at the DPF/DPB sponsored Snowmass 2001 Workshop, and the strong interest expressed within the community for a e+e- Linear Collider operating initially at energies up to 500 GeV:


We are planning a 2.5 day workshop on Physics and Detectors for the LC, organized by the University of Chicago, on Monday - Wednesday, Jan 7 - 9, 2002.  The meeting will be held downtown in the University of Chicago Gleacher Center, close to hotel facilities. 


This workshop continues a series of North American workshops held over the past several years, and parallels similar series in Europe and Asia. However, following the intense discussion and evaluation of the LC program at Snowmass, this meeting will play a special role in presenting physics potential and the detector issues to a wider group than has heretofore been involved. We think that this workshop should be an excellent opportunity for all to become more involved in shaping a future LC program, and to become more familiar with the issues that surround it. We urge you to mark your calendars now, and to join us in Chicago in January.

We expect that the program will include:

The web site for the meeting will be accessible from the American LC page :http://lcwws.physics.yale.edu/lc/america.html (follow link to regional meetings)


Charlie Baltay and Paul Grannis



Good sources of information on the LC physics and detector studies can be found at:

    http://www.slac.stanford.edu/grp/th/LCBook/ (No. American resource book for Snowmass, July 2001)

    http://tesla.desy.de/new_pages/TDR_CD/start.html (Tesla TDR, March 2001)

    http://acfahep.kek.jp/ (ACFA report on JLC physics and detectors, Aug. 2001)

The worldwide LC web page is found at http://lcwws.physics.yale.edu/lc/

Michael Peskin has a large set of LC links at http://www.slac.stanford.edu/~mpeskin/LC/